13 December 2007

Airing/Posting/Blogging of Grievances 2007

"i have a lot of problems with you people!" --- Frank Costanza, founder of festivus

in honour of FESTIVUS i would like to invite everyone who cares to to air your grievances here!

just click on comments and have at it. grievances can have any origin, be it work-related, school, home, society, politics, humanity, etc. etc.

and to get things started, i would like to offer my contribution, to which i reserve the right to add to and modify at any time!

this is how i've been disappointed this year:
  • those STICK-FIGURE FAMILIES IN ACRYLIC STICKER FORM that adorn the backs of many family-type vehicles in southern california.
  • SCION OWNERS who think they have way more horsepower than they really do, and/or think they are entitled to not follow the rules of the road... esp. that white one that nearly drove us off the road at the northbound harbor blvd. exit from the 91 fwy, and the dick who drove on the shoulder tonight and slipped into the space we had left open for a dude who wanted to turn left in front of us out of a strip mall...thanks to you, scion, the dude gave up and turned right into traffic. scions are my number two hated car, due to their drivers, next to CAMRYS.
  • PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE ADJUSTERS suck, even tho the company in general, and their websites, rock.
  • SCREEN/FILM PRODUCERS & EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS REFUSING TO COOPERATE with the screenwriters on this strike thing...
  • 'ACTORS' AND 'TALENT OF SCREEN AND FILM who refuse to take a little less money out of their millions and millions of dollars so there is a little more to go around.
  • WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON, for not admitting that you like barack obama way more than you like your wife. i'm not saying you love him more than your wife; i think you just like him more. i still like you, tho.
  • "LET ME LET ME LET ME UPGRADE YAAAAA!" BeyoncĂ© and DirecTV. enough said.

ok more to come!


alvin said...


Trisomene 13

GuentheRed said...

Oh today I have a huge grievvance... men, err maybe I should say boys who are so afraid of love and commitment that they bail every time things start going good again. And at the holidays too...

Robyn said...

My grievances from this past year are:
- sitting in a park all day, especially Sunday, getting little green bugs falling out of my hair onto the table where we ate.
- the good portion of cds that skip. of everything on "everything, everything" Born Slippy skips! And my brand new Tiesto!

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