24 December 2007

it's 24th December 2007...

venus' BEST MUSIC OF 2007 in alpha order

  • !!!: Myth Takes - Warp ~ MAN i wish i would've seen these guys live!
  • Arrested Development: Since the Last Time - Vagabond ~ SOOOO glad Speech and co. are back!
  • Band of Horses: Cease to Exist - Subpop ~ music that automatically makes me feel like it's a sunny day, even when they're singing about love and loss.
  • Battles: Mirrored - Warp ~ brilliant. almost about as close as seeing the Bays live, i think.
  • The Budos Band: II - Daptone ~ funky as hell, fantastic, and all live, baby.
  • Clutchy Hopkins: The Life of Clutchy Hopkins - Ubiquity ~ shawn lee's genius alter ego, and dare i say, even more brilliant.
  • Fujiya and Miyagi: Transparent Things - Deaf Dumb & Blind ~ three guys on db's (of Breakbeat Science fame) label. electronic and original.
  • Grand National: A Drink & A Quick Decision - Recall ~ oh sh&* these guys are fantastic.
  • Karizma: A Mind of Its Own - !K7 ~ just when i thought i had lost hope in dance music...
  • Kenna: Make Sure They See My Face - Interscope/Star Trax ~ made this jaded music lover believe again. hell, it made me LOVE AGAIN.
  • Long Range: Madness and Me - Beat ~ a little bit o' ORBITAL brilliance. love it.
  • Mark Ronson: Versions - RCA~ he's talented, young, and has a helluva band.
  • Meat Puppets: Rise to Your Knees - Anodyne ~ welcome baaaaaaaaaack!
  • Motor: Unhuman - Mute ~ oh, SHIT.
  • Paul Hartnoll: The Ideal Condition - ACP ~ absolutely lovely. now, how about a license agreement for virgin america?
  • Soulsavers: It's Not How Far You Fall, It's How You Land - Columbia ~ i swear to g.d it's MARK LANEGAN of screaming trees and oh my g.d it's good!
  • Tom Middleton: Lifetracks - Six Degrees ~ the brains of inland knights with an album that is close to perfection.
  • Ungdomskulen: Cry-Baby - Ever ~ hands down, the BEST CMJ SHOW this year. you could hear everyone concur outside the venue after the show.
  • Various Artists: Waveform Transmissions Vol. 1 - Waveform ~ welcome back, forest and WAVEFORM! g.d i missed you!
  • VHS or Beta: Bring on the Comets - Astralwerks ~ just cos they're at the end of the alphabet doesn't mean they are any less good.

    VERY HONOURABLE mentions go out to two dance music veterans who i am SO glad still put out new records:
  • Chemical Brothers: We Are The Night - Astralwerks
  • Underworld: Oblivion with Bells - ATO

    Music i wish i had heard before 2007
  • Dirt Nap: Love Songs for Short Term Friends - Anodyne
  • Elliott Smith: New Moon - Kill Rock Stars

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    Anonymous said...

    Yeah man, Clutchy Hopkins makes some DOPE music. His backstory is too crazy...living in a cave in the California desert? There's gotta be something behind all this. I started a blog to keep track of all the info about Clutchy and try to dig up the truth. If you have any clues, hit me up at clutchyhopkins.blogspot.com. Word.

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