06 February 2008


at MY polling place on St. Andrews Pl. in zip 90621, they asked me to remove my Barack Obama tshirt. i suppose that makes sense cos you're not supposed to 'campaign' within a certain number of feet of a polling place...at least that's what my friend WaDi told me.

however, at a polling place at San Dimas Sheriff's station, my 'decline-to-state' friend ChriCa asked for a democrat ballot, which she took and filled out a vote for Obama. she did not fill out any other votes at the time for the various propositions. upon turning it in, an alarm went off and the lady working asked "did you not vote for anything?" and my friend replied, "yes, but just for president". the lady told her "give it to me, i'll take care of it." but my friend had no guarantee that her vote was counted. on top of this, my friend later learned the polling place lady had neglected to tell her that she should have indicated 'democrat' on the ballot, even though she had asked for, and supposedly had been given, one. what's up with that??!!

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Anonymous said...

Samantha Fox in Athens! Next Saturday,
DJ Kostas

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