12 February 2008

Raves & Pharma

we got turned on to a new DJ/artist(producer), TIGERSKIN, saturday night at the ABSURD RECORDINGS party in downtown l.a. he had some really fat sounds, performing live with an 8 channel mixing desk, an 808 and i think a 303, plus his powerbook that was running serato, i think... tigerskin showed me once again why i love german techno so damn much. there was a portion of his set where he used the cool repeating man-voice from DHS' 'House of God' track, which was f*&^ing brilliant. and then he twisted up a piece of that stabby siren-sounding thing from Prodigy's 'Charly'... ah, memories!

and to top the night off into the morning was the legendary EVIL EDDIE RICHARDS. he played a great set as he always does, albeit a little slow, maybe? who knows, it was probably just my perception. in any case, we are so lucky to have him play out here a few times a year!

the location was more or less near alameda between staples centre and the 10 freeway. the temperature inside was good, even tho everyone seemed to be smoking cigarettes indoors...COUGH. but the sound was freaking excellent, as it always is at absurd parties. if you know me, you know how much i despise clubs and promoters who gather a bunch of people together to listen or dance to music and then have crap sound systems. the absurd parties never disappoint.

our friend JaHe was in town from las vegas, and he went with us. we all had a freaking GREAT time, except this bunch of 30 year olds dancing on concrete for hours came home with some leg and back pain. i'm so out of shape.

one last thing, i'm doing my own version of this fabulous article on SLATE.com from a while back. check back with me for details!

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