22 February 2008

what ever happened to....PART 2

in my teenage years, i had a large number of pen pals. i found/"met" a few of them through a magazine called Star Hits and then things grew from there. i had pretty intense friendships with these people for a while, and i wonder where they ended up. if you've heard of any of these people, please have them contact me!
  • THOMAS KUFFEL: lived in Modesto, CA
  • JORGE ________: from Columbia, went to SUNY, fantastic artist
  • PHIL WEST/PHIL KEY: lived in Seattle, loved music, so funny and a writer?
  • WILL __________: the king of XTC fans. he read a lot of books and worked in a bookstore.
  • GEORGE KING: lived in Hollywood. we were actually pretty good friends for a while.
  • TOZAR NORRIS: i met him through George King.

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