11 November 2008

Nic Harcourt leaving KCRW?

Well, not quite...but he's no longer going to be their music director. i can't believe he's been there for ten years. It seems he replaced Chris Douridas so recently...and Harcourt's been there, and been responsible for, the huge explosion KCRW has experienced in about the last seven years or so.

What a dream job! How cool would it be to put a few hours of music together, crafting tracks chosen by you, each day? There have been times when i thought, jesus, what an artist...cos Harcourt would completely get on a roll and transport me out of my car in a simple 20 minute set. i remember having aspirations to be music director of just a small college station (which i managed to do for a short while), let alone any local FM station...but to be at KCRW??!!! Holy smokes. i think music is one of the only things i absolutely love to give and take and give again (forgive me, AlSto)...although some of my friends may say i force it on them...It's like falling in love a little bit every month or year or whenever you hear something awesome. And wouldn't you want to tell everyone you know about your new love!!!???

i still miss Tom Schnabel...but i try to catch him every so often on the weekends.

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