21 November 2008

The Soup & Cupcakes & Hamburger Mary

i attended a taping of the Soup with some friends from work. i learned some things (real quick): 1) the laughter is really from a small studio audience, that we were a part of, but a LOT of the fake laughter originates from the stage director and camera guy. kinda unnerving/ disconcerting/annoying. 2) Joel McHale was lent a freaking AUDI R8 but usually drives a Subaru STI. sweet! 3) Joel McHale drinks scotch (the crew gave him a bottle for his birthday). 4) Joel McHale's birthday is 20 November. 5) Joel McHale's Subaru guy is also named McHale. 5) gourmet cupcakes are kinda overrated but good nonetheless, cos i really like the variety factour. my proof: we had cupcakes before the show from Jean's on 3rd thanks to a friend who works at E! (thx for the pumpkin one, CraBo!) and then the store Sprinkles brought in cupcakes for the entire audience (red velvet wasn't too shabby).

then it was off to Hamburger Mary's in Hollywood for a meal and some drag queen-hosted karaoke...VERY fun, but i hate to sing in front of people i don't know, so i didn't. But, our waiter Jerry was a cutie.

anyway, be sure to watch the episode that airs this week!!!

1 comment:

djspinster said...

AIYAIYAI i meant JOAN'S on Third!!!

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