01 November 2008

No on Prop. 8...but i guess not in Orange County

so, i live in a neighbourhood where yes on 8 is everywhere. there are signs on nearly every lawn going up Country Club Drive, which is a main thoroughfare through our New Bellehurst subdivision in Buena Park.

today, coming back from SuperMex on Harbor and Orangethorpe, there were at least two groups on opposing corners of every majour intersection on Orangethorpe between Harbor and Magnolia. the good news, is, NO ONE honked in support. each interection was silent. and, i married a couple today in South County, and one of the best men was from Van Nuys and he said that he had only seen his first yes on 8 signs here, in o.c. today.

and, last night, we spoke to a neighbour we had never spoken to before, on our street...and he thanked us for having our NO ON PROP. 8 sign up! how cool is that? i believe he even said we had guts or courage or something like that.


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