20 March 2009

Baaa-studs continued...and reasons why i wanna go back to Wales.

by now, you've seen the EXTREME SHEPERDING video. the Samsung link doesn't have squat for information. i still can't tell whether it's real or not, but i really hope it is real!

a quick search has produced a little more information on a few of the sheep artists (although i noticed the dogs didn't get any credits at all!)
  • BERNARD LLEWELLYN - "the General": and an agritourism entrepreneur
  • GERRY LEWIS - "the Player": ha, i thought this was a pseudonym! or maybe Jerry Lewis got his name from Gerry... anyway, Gerry is indeed a Welsh national sheepherding champion!
  • EMRIS WILLIAMS - "the electrician": i'm not sure, but there's a guy named EMRYS WILLIAMS who has written books on electronics.
  • ROBERT JONES - "L.E.D master": there are a LOT of Robert Joneses.

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