18 March 2009

MUSIC: Public Enemy & Bell X1 aka screw Coachella? i wanna be in Philly!

if you happened to catch PUBLIC ENEMY on Jimmy Fallon's show this week, their brilliant performance of Bring the Noise was accompanied by Antibalas' horn section and the Roots. the appearance of PROFESSOR GRIF with Nation of Islam-esque steppers, and TERMINATOR X on the turntables behind CHUCK D. and FLAVOR FLAV????!!! come on, now!

that audience was way too mellow.

and that was merely a taste of what's yet to come. turns out, not only are they scheduled to play the ROOTS' PICNIC in June, in Philadelphia...but PE will be performing their epic It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in its freaking entirety. oh yeah, and TVOTR will perform, too.

oh yeah, did u happen to catch BELL X1 on Letterman? this is the second album i've heard, and they are both great...but tell me this song (The Great Defector) doesn't sound like the Talking Heads 2009?! no video clips yet, but you can hear them on Myspace.

oh, and could someone PLEASE tell us what guitar he is using???!


whalt said...

I wonder if Griff knows that Lorne Michaels is jewish?

jeff said...

from the first words, bell x1 sounds just like david byrne and when the chorus kicks in, it's full on talking heads; complete with harmonizing. they've got a great sound, thanks for the tip.

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