07 March 2009

not robust enough: the time my internet search skills failed me

today, i saw the largest automobile funeral procession i have ever seen in my life. it was going westbound (i was just grateful they were headed the opposite way than i was) on Rosecrans Ave. in Sante Fe Springs, La Mirada or Norwalk...i'm not sure...between Carmenita and Valley View.

there were at least 200 cars, led by about two dozen rebuilt and restored classic 1950s era Chevrolet cars. by the time i figured out what was going on, and got my camera out to take a photo, the Chevys had all driven past...and then a pod of Harley Davidson motorcylists followed, with the entire procession for miles down the road. it required three sets of funeral escorts on motorcycles.

so, i tried for about half an hour to look for information about whose passing would have been memorialised and attracted such a large group on this day. i couldn't find anything. i tried everything, from your usual search terms, all their synonyms and the date. i tried looking up mortuaries and their schedules. i tried online maps, newspapers, blah blah. no dice. so i'm posting here so that maybe i'll remember to look again someday.

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