04 September 2008

Lament on the Cheesecake Factory

So last night, i went to the Cheesecake Factory in Brea with AlSto, JaHe, FraKa and ChriPre. Food was good, service was decent, everything else was pretty blah...which is what bummed me out enough to write this complaint letter:

Sorry for the tone of this letter, and if it sounds like a complaint, i suppose it is, although i just wanted to express my disappointment more than i wanted to actually complain. Last night, there was an issue with your computer system and this prevented our orders from being fulfilled in a timely manner. The restaurant had only a few tables of diners at 9.30pm. Our server was pleasant enough, keeping us informed of the reason why it took over twenty minutes to get our food. ...and it took a WHILE to get our drinks from the bar, too. There were lots of smiles and seemingly heartfelt apologies, but i couldn't help but notice that in the end, our table of six was forced to shrug off the issue and go 'oh well'. Bummer. i understand you are no longer the 'old' Cheesecake Factory. CF used to be a special experience, a place where i wouldn't mind if we had to wait nearly two hours for a table, cos i knew the restaurant would take care of us in most every aspect. i just wanted to let you know how much i miss the 'old' CF, where the manager would come over and offer a free appetizer, or at least make sure we had plenty of bread (no, we didn't ask for more but we weren't offered any, either...). Thanks for listening, or at least reading.
oh yeah, and the music sucked about 85% of the time. (and i know i counted the number of people wrong. i just noticed that.) it makes me sad to sound old and complain about stuff.

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