16 September 2008

Silent Raving Not Only LOOKS Stupid...

...but i bet it sounds pretty idiotic.

i just heard this story on NPR about people who are getting together to dance to their own music, while listening to iPods or whatever... some 17 year old said something about "all dancing together, but individually..." what's the point? aren't we all dancing around to our own music together, but individually at work, home, school, etc. at any given time?

i remember, how at the Glastonbury Festival, they had a silent dance tent. i LIKE this idea, where everyone listened to the SAME MUSIC but had headphones on so it was totally quiet for everyone who didn't have the headphones:

call me old-fashioned but yeah, i'm the idealist who thinks that raves are for bringing people together...through the communal experience of music. otherwise, there is no difference between listening to music in your own bubble of an automobile, and what they did in NY/Boston's silent rave.

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