02 September 2008

The Bechdel Rule is new to me

if you know me, you know i love TiVO. or rather, watching TV on TiVO.

so... have you ever made up rules about the things you will and will not watch on TV? i think it would be difficult to come up with rules and exclude shows before you ever see the show, because you have to see the show to find out it doesn't adhere to your rules...but i know i have STOPPED watching shows, for whatever reasons. i never systematically laid out the reasons why i stop watching a show, but maybe i should and see if any of the characteristics fall into any subsets???! nah. too much work. but this 'BECHDEL RULE' is interesting to think about, at the very least. the comic is below, and if you want to hear a radio take on this phenomenon, listen to this story on NPR.

oh and if that was too difficult to read, i think there's a bigger version of it HERE.

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