25 September 2008

MUSIC: TV on the Radio - Dear Science

The new TV on the Radio came out this week. The album, "Dear Science", is great from the first listen. (Is that what they mean by 'accessible'?)

You won't be disappointed if you're looking to hear their characteristic guitar effects, electronic percussion and accents, multi-layered vocals and falsetto loveliness [try the first single Crying]. A few tunes have string and horn in arrangements, sounding very afro-popesque, with long breaks like Manu Dibango. The whole thing sounds a lot more, um, POP. (Is THAT what they mean by 'accessible'?) When i mean by that is, they've always had harmonies and melodies, but these songs just sound way more structured, more light...less abstract and not so bleak or somber...but there ARE a few tunes like that as well [Love Dog].

i've liked the last two records "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" and "Return to Cookie Mountain" a lot...and i've yet to catch them live. Hopefully, i will this time around. If you know my husband AlSto you know how much he likes them, too. Please give a listen and let me know what you think...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The first song reminds me of Jesus and the Mary Chain! I just discovered Manu Dbango after ekla statused him on fb.

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