17 April 2008

i don't know what art is

first, i was moved by the art of DAMIEN HIRST. then i found out he had killed a bunch of butterflies to make these crazy but beautiful stained-glass window-like pieces.

then, i heard about GUILLERMO VARGAS HABACUC. he supposedly starved a dog to death in an art gallery. digusted and shocked, i looked him up online to learn more about this guy. no, i didn't view any of the supposed live video on YouTube. but i did read a statement about how he was trying to raise awareness of the cruelty of leaving dogs to starve to death on their own in the streets of Honduras...or something like that. and i kind of agreed with him, that it's hypocritical of people to be outraged by his supposed treatment of this dog, when there are hundreds constantly dying on the streets themselves. and then, i read about how the artist actually cared for the dog and allowed it to run free for all but the three hours it was in the gallery.

god i hate how i jump to conclusions.

finally, i heard about ALIZA SHVARTS and her senior project for Yale Art school. seems like she supposedly artifically inseminated herself and gave herself abortive drugs. to make an art project.


oh yeah, that debate last night sucked.

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