15 April 2008

MUSIC: Dizzee Rascal

DIZZEE RASCAL's 'Maths & English' album came out last year on import, but i heard it this week for the first time. it's due out at the end of the month through DEFINITIVE JUX. Dizzee's second album 'Showtime' in 2004 was a disappointment, mostly due to its unsuccessful bling-bling gestures and lowest-common-denominator rap album tendencies. on 'Maths & English', Dizzee's unique delivery flows through some of the most original rap melodies in a decade. on top of that, the production is everything i love about UK grime, and it's a dirty electro freakout. plus, he rhymes "foie gras" with "murderer"!

flo rida, t-pain, jeezies young and old: you all can't touch this!

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