21 April 2008

i hate police and other tails

ack, i meant tales. or did i?
ok so some things happened this weekend i'd rather not talk about, but i also booked a couple to marry, on the spot at our meeting, so that is a GOOD thing.

we didn't go to the Long Beach Grand Prix this year.

ALSO the coachella scheduler thing is up: http://coachella.com/scheduler/scheduler.php
oh yeah, and we're going to see LOVE AND ROCKETS at the glass house tomorrow night!!!! i think PORTISHEAD is playing in l.a. as a warm up to coachella, but i still have no confirmation to the rumour. now, if only APHEX TWIN would play an off-show, our weekend would be complete. and i wouldn't be completely bummed for not getting in to Coachella.

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