26 April 2008

MUSIC: coachella part 1 - freeland and obama

so far, here is the only photo, let alone video, i have been able to find of freeland's set in the sahara tent at the coachella music and arts festival.

he's a fantastic DJ, kickass remixer and a pretty good producer, but the thing i like the most about him is how politically aware he is. in fact, i feel he has used his production skills to gain his reputation for being a political dance music artist. anyway... i could say a lot about his set last night but the best part was when he segued from an anti-george bush portion in the music (pretty de rigeur for freeland) into an "O-B, A,M,A" tune that freaking rocked. after getting the entire crowd (mostly) to chant the letters, the music broke into a computer-similated voice, stating, "you are correct!". this was punctuated by an LCD ticker running under his turntable coffin, reminding everyone to vote, to vote at least for someone. awesome. pretty cool for a music artist to do, especially since he's English, but now living in L.A.

i wonder if he's a citizen now, and thus able to vote?

BTW the 'propaganda' caption is not mine...

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